Past Stand

by Zk

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This is my first single as an artists, thank you to everyone who helped make this happen


Past Stand

We went from sweethearts to strangers as our love turned sinister, now our worlds couldn't be farther apart.
Galaxies away you still shine as I constantly try not to implode over my own foolishness.

Strange consequences, hearts bleeding/
She comes around more, starts needing/
I try to push away, its misleading/
we're caught up in our deeds so i'm pleading/

No body in the bed just sauce/
The thought of her touch makes your skin feel soft/
Taught to abandon love at the first site of drama/
But alas she had a silver tongue

Bring a flower to the wedding/
Hide the fear you know you're dreading/
Give em the gift of new bedding, but check for your stains/
Your "her" was in the past/
Watch the hubby shake and laugh/
As you don the mask and treat the past as pretend

Selena: Love, you left me at the altar we made together then
Got mad when I found a knight to mesh with my armor
That night still haunts me
I laugh through the pain and somehow still found the courage to sing...without you

In the end, she leaves in tears, her makeup smeared, and the one year present dropped to the floor/
You chase after, try and grab her, stopped at the back door, but she twists and hits you with a new face you never asked for/
One of rage, one of guilt, one of pain, she tries to steady herself in the wake of your flames/
The door slams, the heads served, no hearts tethered, cant shake the feeling that your world is no more/
She adored you, bored you,
Ignored you/
But when your roof caved you always found comfort in her arms/
Armed to the teeth with her smile/
A full row of shining diamond beacons lit for miles/
All these trophies from battle raps cant bring her back/
You recline, you know bravery is what you know lack/
Dont stay attached, you missed the catch, little fishie swam away/
Onto the next love who's the flower to her sunny day/
No rose in concrete, to her you're just a weed, who succeeded in failing to give your lover what she needs/

Its gone
And you just cant win her back

A toast is raised, smiles fading/
A white dress on what should be your lady/
Champagne powered, tables a stage, as you stand up for yourself you get to catch her gaze/
Same eyes, same hurt/
Still confused, what was it all worth/
Declare love, expecting return
Now your pleading to a heart whose trust you've burned



released March 26, 2017
All written parts/Trumpet/Mastering- Zeke Starling

Piano- Thomas Mariano

Guitar- Luke Okerlund

Bass- Josh Miller

Cello- Molly Goldstein

Female vocals-Selena Khoury

Sung male vocals-David Backer

Mixing-David Porter

Cover Art- Alex Elms



all rights reserved


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