Crownless Kings

by BirdBrain

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For those who have been kept under Uncle Sam's boots, this is for you. Raw and unmastered


To those without a country…you may stand with us

[Verse 1]
Squalid cities and bad blessings it's been hectic
Since the days when the law left, and with it heaven
Don’t bother me with your proper oddities, where we’re living even faith is a rare commodity
We were forced to adapt, then told to get back
Fighting off our own towns, it’s the point of the trap
Bad rap and worst rap sheets, takin’ the streets back
Rat infested, white dust parlors, takin’ the streets back
Fatherless dens and broken mothers… we are taking the streets back

[Chorus, Repeat]
This is the land of the crownless kings
Where royalty brings ruin don’t believe in rings
If you can find the gold in the silver line
Keep on breathing baby it’ll be just fine

[Verse 2]
The castle’s empty , the king’s dead, and the queen’s missing
There’s scattered coins and we’re trying to stack them to the ceiling
Seeing visions of the world before the regicide
I think my mind is growing and starting to feed the parasite
It’s a part of me, it’s the heart of me, it’s the art of we
But we can’t clean the city without getting filthy
We’re peasants in the wild with no regalia present
I can’t believe they with all the presence
Blood of our own brothers, takin’ the streets back
Blood of the god mother, takin’ the streets back
Blood of a better time, we are taking our homes back!



released July 4, 2016
BirdBRain- Vocals
Brenn Whiting- Bari Guitar
Thomas Mariano- Drums/ Mixing

Jonathan McIntosh-flag



all rights reserved


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