Caliber of a Name

by The Middle Passage

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We will not be silent, we will not be tame.
We will use our artistry to reach the people.
We will change the system.
We will heal the wounds


[Chorus x2]

Two shots to the head, and one dead body, dont tell me justice never hurt nobody

who can save us, when blue pigs swarm, say his name, for Sterling we mourn.

[Spoken Word]

What’s in a name? Another day, another execution, I’m sick of seeing these names hashtaged on Facebook.

I mean sick like physically ill, my stomach has left my body leaving me empty when I should be able to digest things
This madness, this savagery, this blatant murder, converted into a media headlines that will problem read something like “Wild Black man taken down by brave law officials”

We don’t get to be family men or members of a community, hell most days we’re lucky to get our name in the same article the shows video of our last moments.

Held down by two then given two more to the head, lit up by four while reaching for your wallet with a four year old in the backseat, it’s a dangerous number game and we always end up with zero

We take to the streets and webpages, sharing our rage and trying to support each other but these monsters are still given a steady paycheck and a safe haven, while our lives are still taken
Stolen, ripped from us, Lead rockets flying into our bodies creating more lifeless shells that are tossed aside like they don’t matter.

We are more than your target practice, more than your prejudice, more than your assumptions. You get a slap on the wrist but we get a punch to the face and a funeral to plan.
Their bullets have our names written on it instead of the caliber but what is the caliber of a name?

Remember that Alton Sterling and Philando Castile had names before they were made martyrs by a caliber, that they had families before the pigs played judge, jury, and executioner. That they were people that deserved better, that we all deserve better.

Remember their names the next time you look me in my eye and tell me this killing is “just”

[Chorus x2]


released July 9, 2016
Kimberly Rouse and Rachel Weitzner- Vocals
BirdBrain- Spoken Word
Keys- Thomas Mariano
Drums- Zach Westhoff

Mixing- Brenn Whiting
Mastering- BirdBrain

Special thanks to Dan Waldman for helping to make the main melody



all rights reserved


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